Registration to 4th international Shogun2 H2h Campaign tournament Aragami is open

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#1by Cao Cao » 04.09.2013, 11:46


Hello everyone !!!

Registration for the 4th tournament is open .

If you :
1) like japanese culture
2) can play H2hM well
3) consider yourself one of the best players Shogun 2 total war
4) have strong ambitions
5) never surrender

Wellcome to the international tournament Shogun 2 total war head to head campaign "Art of War 孙子兵法"。

Official language of tournament is english
At time of tournament all players use only GMT+0
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Requirements for entry into the tournament :

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1. Player like play Shogun2 h2h campaign .
2. Player have free time and can finish a campaign in 10 days ( each round begin in Friday and finish next week in sanday at 11 59 PM GMT+0 - for 1 match 2 weekend ).If there is a time difference between players they agree find time compromise .
3. Player must be willing to work with the judges to facilitate this process if necessary
4. Player swear to observe the rules of the tournament ,during the match and behave appropriately.
5. Player have all DLC for Shogun 2 ( necessary Sengoku jidai , Saints and heroes ).
6. Player have a medium internet connect or better .

Registration to 4th tournament ( making in comments) :

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phpBB [media]

1. your Nik in steam and a link to it
2. Name of the tournament
3. Your country .
4. Your clan or steam group .
5. Email address .
6. Forum of Tournament Nic .
7. QQ number ( will be on day of tourney beginning )
8. Tournament oath

QQ number ( link to download ) . QQ accaunts will be creat for all member on day of begining tourney by administration or player can creat it by self

For example :
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1. Cao Cao
2. "Aragami" tournament .
3. Russia
4. Steam group " Art Of War " .
5. .
6 . Cao Cao
7. QQ number 2257417221 .
8. I swear play fair, agree and accept the rules of the tournament, rules of the forum ; for breaking the rules agreed to be punished.

After finish registration send info about your PC and internet speed results to Adminisration of tournament

If you have question about tournaments ask administrators Cao Cao

All info about tourney here : /viewforum.php?f=602

Veni Vidi Vici

$$$$__________$$$$$$$$$_$$$$$____ 是故百戰百勝,非善之善也﹔不戰而屈人之兵,善之善者也。
__$$$$$$____$$$$$$$$$$$$$__$$$___ 故上兵伐謀,其次伐交,其次伐兵,其下攻城。攻城之法為不得已。
_______$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$__$$__$___ 故知勝有五:知可以戰與不可以戰者勝。
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_____$$_____ 凡治眾如治寡,分數是也。
____________$$$$$$$$$$____$$_____ 是故始如處女,敵人開戶,後如脫兔,敵不及拒。
__________$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_________ 不可勝在己,可勝在敵。
________$$$$$$$___$$$$$$$$$______ 兵士甚陷則不懼,無所往則固,深入則拘,不得已則鬥。
___$$$_$$$$$____________$$$$_____ 必索敵人之間來間我者,因而利之,導而舍之,故反間可得而用也。
__$$$$$$$$$_________$$$$$$$$_____QQ : 2257417221 , QQ Art of War 孙子兵法 group 193674387
___$$$$$$$_________$$$$$$$$$_____ Napoleon's Accout :

Gallery of Glory

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1st place - Cao Cao


Golden Dragon of Shogun

2nd Aragami Tourney


3rd Aragami Tourney

1st place - Cao Cao


Golden Dragon of Emperor

1st The Last of Samurai Tourney

1st place - Cao Cao


2nd The Last of Samurai Tourney

1st place - Cao Cao


1st Kremlin Tourney

Gallery of Achievements

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Golden Dragon of Japan


receives the one who attains the most points for all competition of one tournament

Cao Cao - 12 victories

Chess of Sun Tzu


receives one who holds the record for the the quickest victory

Cao Cao - 4 turns
Cao Cao
Topic author, Art of War
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#2by Darth Pyrrhus » 13.03.2016, 18:02

1. Darth Pyrrhus II of Epirus
2. "Aragami" tournament
3. USA
4. Steam group "Democratic Empire of Republics"
6. Darth Pyrrhus
7. 2072763961
8. I agree to the rules of the tournament. If I found cheating in the tournament, I will accept the punishment.
Darth Pyrrhus M
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#3by Kakos » 15.03.2016, 16:48

1. Master Ip
2. "Aragami" tournament
3. Russia
4. No clan
6. Kakos
8. I agree to the rules of the tournament. If I found cheating in the tournament, I will accept the punishment.
Reputation: 1
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