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Starting and joining rules开始和加入规则:
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1. Start like count under Duke , King or Imperor control and without claims to Liege titles .开局伯爵起家,可以是公爵,国王,皇帝的封臣,不能拥有领主头衔的宣称
2. Start conditions of plaers must be same . 起始条件需要设置成一样
3. MP Session beginning in 867 . 联机于867开始,玩家们选择某个相同的帝国下的伯爵,或者不同王国下的伯爵但是需要连接在一起(王国)Players take to choose counts which must be in the 1 de-ju Empire or in the Diffirent de-ju Empire Kingdoms , but with common border .
4. Prohibited change character ( random ).禁止随机改换自己的人物(指的是重开档的时候不许随便换)
General Rules 一般规则:
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5. All players together create schedule of mp session use GMT + 0 time . After match pause players must fix time and write it to own match thread .所有的玩家要一起写下联机时间,以格林威治时间为准,比赛终止后,玩家们必须在论坛帖子里贴出时间
6. Each match during 2 weeks .一场比赛耗时2周
7. Weekends are general time of playing matches ( 4 days ) . If players can not play match at time of weekend they must fix time and play match in the week . Players by agrement can play match not only weekend .周末一般都是玩联机的好时间。如果玩家不能周末来的话,必须商量一个时间出来。
8. Each player choose a character - count which by duke ( chief , king , Emperor ) control . 玩家可以任意选择一个伯爵,领主不分公爵,国王, 皇帝
9. Player can choose to play offensive pagan character if other player agree ( he must ask about it other players agreement ).玩家可以选择玩攻击性的原始宗教(这里应该指的是诺斯,斯拉夫这一类)但是需要经过其他玩家的同意
10. if player can not continue match by schedule , then player of his team can replace him continue match .如果玩家不能按照约定的时间来,队内的玩家可以替补他加入比赛
11. Prohibited take back vassals title without right to do this .禁止无理由的要求收回封臣
12. Game speed 2xd or 1xd or b agreement , 1xd if there is a big PVP war , Pausing: 3-5 min pause is okay on succession or upon gaining heluva land, longer pauses must be justified (not for fine tuning of your domain). 游戏一般以2速或者一速进行,或者双方同意的速度。当有大型PVP战争,用1速。即位的时候暂停3——5分钟时可以的,或者打下新的土地。 长一点的暂停都需要有理由,不能因为你要调整你的王国而暂停
13. Players can replace each other play like 1 character by own agreement .
14. when session hold , hoster must save session and send save to forum . 联机的游戏必须由主机最后把存档上传到论坛上

Character termination rules:
15. Players can kill each other just by assassination . prohibited use plots to kill opponent denasty members .
Vassals and liege :
16. Prohibited illegally revoke the land from vassals and their heirs.禁止无理由从封臣和他们的继承人手上收回头衔
17. Prohibited illegally imprison vassals and theyir heirs without justified reason . 禁止无理由囚禁封臣和他们的继承人
18 .No vassal banishment at all. 禁止驱逐封臣
19. Vassals can't be leaders of a faction if they dont actually want to press the demands. 如果最后不要求领主,达到你的目的话,禁止成为派系发起人
20. Max personal demesne size = demesne + 5( just counts titles , no cities ,no church) , Max 2 dukes titles .个人最大直辖,直辖数量+5(只是伯爵领,无城市,无教区)最多两个公爵头衔
21. If the Pope becomes your vassal for any reason he must be granted independence immediately. 如果教皇变成你的封臣,无论什么原因,你都要立刻承认独立。
22. If you are a Truce Breaker already you cannot break truces anymore. 如果你已经是誓言破坏者了,你不能再继续破坏了
Waging wars rules发动战争:
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23. In all wars if the defending player offers his surrender the attacking player must accept it. 不论是什么战争,如果防守方认输,进攻方必须接受
24. Exception: If the war allows the attacker to gain extra counties by occupying them then he is entitled to occupy 50% of the defender's counties before accepting the surrender. 例外:如果战争允许进攻方可以以占领的方式拿走其他的伯爵领,进攻方可以拿走50%的伯爵领,然后再接受投降。
25. If the war lasts for more than 10 years the defender must accept attackers surrender if it's offered. 如果战争持续了十年以上,防守方必须接受进攻方的投降,如果进攻方发出外交请示了。
26. Player can't have any land armies risen when declaring war on another player or when declaring war on AI for player owned land. Retinues must be on their own territory and not by moving action .玩家不能有任何形式的军队集结之后然后宣战(无论对象是ai还是玩家)常备必须在他们自己的省份而且不许朝着进攻目标进发
27. Prohibited during the war to disband troops in a foreign territory (including the Allies' territory).
.. so no funnies of the type "I DoW you now and my vassals and allies have all their mercs and levies boarded next to your capital already."
Truces with players must be honoured.和玩家的停战协议必须遵守
No embargo on a republic not having TPs on your territory. 不可以禁运不在你领土上建立贸易站的共和国
3 Holy Wars per ruler allowed. Player declared Jihad or Great Holy War counts as a single HW. 国王一生中可以进行、参与3次圣战 。 玩家宣布的圣战组织或大圣战算做一个圣战
1 muslim invasion per 50 years allowed. Minimum score of 1000 Piety and 1500 Prestige required to declare one.每个50年绿教玩家可以进行一个基督教入侵 至少1000虔诚和1500威望需要
1 christian invasion per 50 years allowed. Minimum score of 1000 Piety and 1500 Prestige required to declare one.每个50年玩家可以进行一个基督教入侵 至少1000虔诚和1500威望需要
1 tribal (horde) invasion per 50 years allowed. Minimum score of 1000 Piety and 1500 Prestige required to declare one.每个50年玩家可以进行一个部落(部落)入侵 至少1000虔诚和1500威望需要
1 prepared (Norse) invasion per ruler.一个国王可以进行一个准备入侵
1 Crusade, Jihad or Great Holy War per ruler. 一个国王可以进行一个十字军,安拉胡阿克巴或大圣战

Inconclusive wars and unsuccessful invasions don't count towards the limit.战争cb无效导致结束的战争和不成功的入侵不算是国王可以进行的3圣战之一。
Holy War for territory you already held in the past are considered reconquista and they don't count towards the limit.如果玩家进行圣战对以前自己具有的领土这不算是圣战
Holy Orders in wars for a player's land can be employed only by the defender.在大圣战的时候只有被动防御的玩家可以使用骑士团
Prepared invasions - Norse:
You can't start preparing an invasion when you are at war. 你不能在打仗的同时准备入侵
You can't start or join another war when you are preparing an invasion or already invading anyone. 在你准备入侵他人的期间,你也不能开始或者加入任何其他战争
This is to prevent using invasion generated troops to bash other enemies. 这是为了防止用准备入侵刷出来的兵揍对方

Alamo and Serious Wars :
28. If a player becomes a target of a serious war he is allowed to nominate one of his counties to be his Alamo. 如果玩家成为一个PVP(认真的战争 ==实在想不出来怎么翻译)他可以选择其中一个伯爵领当做胜利点
Until the Alamo is completely occupied by any parties the attacking player is not allowed to demand the defending player surrender. 直到胜利点被任何进攻方的军队全部占领,否则进攻方不能向防守方要求投降
Serious war is any PVP war which (or):
a) the Attacker declares to be serious, 进攻方告知自己的严肃性
b) targets 20% or more of the Defender's realm, 可以一次拿下20%或者更多的王国
c) takes away his primary title and/or forces him to abdicate, 把主头衔拿走,或者强迫他退位
d) lowers his crown authority and/or changes his succession law. 降低他的王权法或者改变他的继承法
29. Attacker is always responsible to announce that the war he declared is serious immediately as it starts. 进攻方必须在开战的时候声明自己的严肃性
30. If and additional PVP war is declared upon the defender then all PVP wars which target that defender are immediately considered serious. 如果有额外的PVP战争对相同的防御方进攻,那么所有对防御方的战争都自动认为是严肃的战争
31. Alamo can be placed to any county which (or): 胜利点可以是以下的任何伯爵领
a) is the war target or belongs de iure under the war target , 是宣战目标的法理领地
b) is no further than two counties away from a), 或者是任何伯爵领距离a)2个伯爵领之内
If there are no serious wars about territory then the Alamo can be placed to any county which (or): 如果不是严肃的战争,那么胜利点可以是以下伯爵领
a) is no further than 3 counties away from common border between the defender and any attacker, 不能和防御方与任意进攻方的边境距离3个伯爵以上
b) is no further that 3 counties away from the coast, all the way must belong to the defender. 不能和海岸距离3个伯爵领以上,并且3个伯爵领都属于防御者

32. Defender is allowed to announce his Alamo only before the war score reaches 50% in the attacker's favour. 防御方只能在进攻方获得50%的胜利之前允许宣布他的胜利点
33. When additional serious war is declared on the defender he can always relocate the Alamo immediately.
34. Fake wars and other abuses of Alamo won't be tolerated. 虚假战争或者任何滥用胜利点都是禁止的
Special rules特殊规则:
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35. Antipope can be created but his claim on the Papacy must be pressed immediately by the creator. 可以立伪教皇,但是他的教皇宣称必须立即被宣称
36. No destruction of Empire and Kingdom titles you acquire (by any means). 禁止销毁国王,皇帝头衔
37. Ducal titles can be destroyed if there is no player dynasty claimant to them. 公爵头衔可以销毁,如果没有玩家家族的宣称者
38. No removal of elective succession for Kingdom and Empire titles. Once such a title is or becomes elective it must remain so. 如果王国和帝国是选举继承法,不论何种原因都不能再改回去
39. Players cannot join or create any succession change faction targetting an elective K or E title. 玩家不可以参加或发起任何选举派系(王国和皇帝头衔)
40. Player as Vassal can start an invasion only if it secures him independence upon victory. 选手可以入侵,但是必须保证胜利后能让自己独立
41. No primary title switching with levy armies and fleets risen. 当你的军队和船只被征召了之后,主头衔不能替换
42. Player can give to son no more than 1 count , 2 dukes , 1 kingdom , 1 Empire Titles . 玩家不能给予儿子多于一个伯爵,两个公爵,一个王国,一个帝国头衔
43. No meddling with another player character's heir and/or his 1st born son. You can't invite him to your court. If this happens by negligence . It must be remedied immediately. Inform the GM .
Become King Ambition.
44. If you change your capital away from the de jure kingdom you started the ambition inside you can't any longer use the Subjugation CB freely. You are limited to use it only once per 10 years, as without the ambition.
Dunno whether it is bug or WAD, but as it gives kinda uncontrollable expansion I decided to restrict it.
Victory conditions 比赛获胜条件:
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45. Destroy opponents or make him vassal . 消灭对手,或者把他变成你的封臣
46. At time of finish match have more number of counts than opponent . 比对手有更多的伯爵领
Defeat conditions 比赛失利条件:
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47. Crush own dynasty ( no heirs ) , but if character have pregnant wife before died then player have right continue play session by reload latest save . 王朝绝嗣,但是如果有遗腹子的情况,玩家允许继续
48. Became vassal of other player . If player became vassal of AI , he can continue play 变成玩家的封臣,如果变成ai的封臣,他可以继续玩
49. Defeat by player or AI . 被ai或者玩家打败
50. Defeat by disqualification from match , tourney . 违反了比赛的规则
51. Defeat by violet rules , by broken playing match time agreement .没有遵守玩家之间的规定
Players rules 玩家规则:
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52. Prohibited insult members of tourney or any actions which could be consider like insults .禁止任何形式上的侮辱
53. Judges and Administrators make solution about disputed points between players . 评委和管理员会裁定选手之间的分歧
54. Participants of tourney must install and use tourney programs and device . 参加比赛的必须安装和使用比赛软件
55. Participants of Turnament have to use GMT +0 time zone to fix time of continue match . 比赛选手用格林威治时间为基准
56. If player consider that his opponent cheating he need prepare proof ( record video , screens ) and send to administrator caocaobaixiong . 如果选手认为对方作弊,需要有证据(视频,截图)请发送到管理员caocaobaixiong

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